Welcome to the 'Students' section of our website where you can find information on master thesis subjects, possible internships and courses taught at  Ghent University by our academic staff. 

Students (preferably with a physics or chemistry background) , currently in their masters education (or 3rd Bachelor for summer Internship), are encouraged to apply for an internship at our group and experience hands-on the exciting world of nanotechnology. Please contact prof. Hens or prof. Brainis for more information. Don't hesitate ! 

Master Thesis 

Check out the master thesis topics offered by our group in the field of nanotechnology, integrated photonics and inorganic chemistry on this page.

Bachelor Project

Every year our group presents a few projects that can be taken up by Bachelor students in Chemistry. Previous projects can be found here.


Our professors teach the following courses in the Bachelor/Master in Chemistry and Engineering Physics & Chemistry:

Doctoral School

  • Advanced and Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy (Prof. Brainis)