Overview of the Academic Staff, Post-Docs, PhD and master students working in our group. Feel free to contact us and if you want to join us, take a look in the Jobs section ! 

Academic staff

Zeger Hens
Zeger.Hens [at]
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Edouard Brainis
Edouard.Brainis [at]
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Post-doc researchers

Shalini Singh
shalini.singh [at]
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Jonathan De Roo
Jonathan.DeRoo [at]
Igor Nakonechyi
igor.nakonechnyi [at]
Pieter Geiregat
Pieter.Geiregat [at]
Tangi Aubert
Tangi.Aubert [at]
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Mickäel Tessier
Mickael.Tessier [at]
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Kim De Nolf
Kim.DeNolf [at]
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PhD researchers

Chen Hu
chen.Hu [at]
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Dorian Dupont
Dorian.Dupont [at]
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Emile Drijvers
Emile.Drijvers [at]
Suzanne Bisschop
Suzanne.Bisschop [at]
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Laxmi Sagar Kishu
LaxmiKishoreSagar.Chiluka [at]
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Willem Walravens
Willem.Walravens [at]
Jorick Maes
Jorick.Maes [at]
Chandrasekaran Vigneshwaran
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Arnau Puigdomenech
Valeriia Grigel
Valeriia.Grigel [at]
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Renu Tomar
Renu.Tomar [at]
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Jakob Kuhs
jakob.kuhs [at]
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Pieter Schiettecatte
pjschiet.schiettecatte [at]


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Phengshang Zhou
Phengshang.Zhou [at]
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Min Zeng
min.zeng [at]
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Thesis students

Ivo Tanghe
ivo.tanghe [at]
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Former post docs

Antoine Guille
Yolanda Justo

Former PhD students

Elena Speranskaya
Stijn Flamée
Ruben Dierick
Sofie Abé