PCN has equipment of its own for the synthesis, processing and characterization of colloidal quantum dots. Additional equipment, especially for quantum dot characterization and device fabrication, is accessible by means of research collaborations within the university and with outside partners.

Group's equipment

Ultrafast Lab

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  • Ultrafast Ti:S oscillator (80 MHz, <110 fs) with pulse picker and frequency doubler (SpectraPhysics Mai Tai)
  • Spitfire Ace amplifier for mJ pulses @ 1kHz , 800 nm.
  • TOPAS for continuous tunability from 290 nm to 2600 nm
  • White light generation (350 - 1650) for broadband TA spectroscopy and single dot spectroscopy.
  • Waveguide characterization setup.

Collaborator's equipment

  • EPR
  • NMR
  • X-ray: XPS, XRF (Synchrotron), XRD (in-situ)
  • Z-Scan & Four Wave Mixing
  • RBS
  • ICP-MS
  • Automated Synthesis Setup (FLAMAC)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (Cocoon, UGent)
  • RF/DC magnetron sputtering (Draft, UGent)
  • Microphotoluminescence Setup
  • Fully equipped cleanroom facilities (wetbenches, lithography, ICP/RIE etching, PECVD, metallization, FIB/SEM, ...)